Centric A (a brand of Evocentrica Srls) is a tiny independent studio based in Rome, Italy. We are truly passionate video-games lovers, old school players since the 80’s.

Evocentrica Srls has worked in the digital industry for quite a while now, and its founders Andrea Ettorre and Fabrizio Doni have even been in the same industry for a long time. The core business of the company has focused in the past on web development (services, platforms, ecc), mobile development, graphics, video and IoT. Since 2016, the company has steered towards video-game development, and is now totally devoted to it.

The main focus definitely switched to creating and developing proprietary IPs, capable of positioning in the international market as strong and appealing italian products.

“The new Made in Italy” is our vision.


Andrea has a B Degree in Design, and his skills range from project management, production, programming to music production. He’s in charge of managing and supervising the whole project, other than being one of the designers.

Tech skills: Design, Programming, Music Production, Supervising




Fabrizio has a M Degree in Economics and Commerce, but his true love is creativity. He’s the one responsible for giving a soul to our characters and a meaning to our stories. Writer of the team, he’s also a game designer.

Tech skills: Writer, Design, Financial




Leonardo Caruso is the most lovely 3D artist ever, whose help and love for the project are really making the difference for us. He’s a very skilled and professional guy, who studied 3D modeling and texturing at the Italian Video-games Academy (AIV). 3/4 of what you see in X-Light, is proudly made by his crafty hands!

Tech skills: 3D modeling, Texturing, Skinning




Gianluca Rolli is an outstanding concept artist. Period. He can do wonders with a pencil, with clay and with a camera. His deep love for all kinds of arts, and most importantly for beauty, together with a huge worldwide experience make him a all-round open-minded craftsman.

Tech skills: Concept art, Sculpture, Photography




Francesca Reading is the girl who makes it possible for us to speak to the entire world. She’s bilingual in English and Italian, and has a strong passion for video-games and arts. But more than that, she’s an adorable humain being and a fine artist as well!

Tech skills: Writing, Coloring, PR